Alternative Energy Investment Advisory

Alternative energy needs and feasibility analysis

Our engineers drive this work stream. We consider the results of our energy audit and consider the alternative energy systems available in the market with a view to isolating those that fit the specifications and needs of the facility in question. We analyse alternatives across the entire spectrum of alternative energy sources from wind energy, bio thermal energy, solar energy, solar thermal energy and other more nascent technologies. The feasibility of each of these technologies is assessed within the context of the facility or building in question. The focus here is on technical feasibility.

Investment advisory

Once the feasibility of each alternative energy option available to the client is assessed, the results of this assessment form the foundation of a financial feasibility analysis driven by our finance professionals with input from the engineers. The cost and return of each alternative is analysed.

We accord consideration to the rand cost and the cost of capital of each investment option, with particular regard to the balance sheet and cash flow position of our client.

Using our technical capabilities, we endeavour to ensure that the client selects the right alternative energy project to invest in and we advise the client on the best funding mix for the project. The latter entails an analysis of debt, mezzanine debt and equity funding options.

The result:

The deliverables of our Alternative Energy Investment Advisory service include:

  • Financial and technical feasibility study
  • Investment Report (i.e. detailing results of cash flow and balance sheet analysis and project finance options).

These two deliverables are usually presented in one report. However if required they may be presented separately.

Energy System Design and Technical Advisory

Where our clients require a tailored solution for their facility our team of mechanical and electrical engineers can develop and design the appropriate solution to fit client specifications and unique needs.

Clients are advised to consult with our design team where they require tailored solutions.

Other Energy Advisory services

Where clients require advise and solutions to other energy challenges and problems our team of experts is ready to engage with them to solve these problems. For a free consultation on your specific needs please contact us.

Other advisory services include project management for the commissioning of alternative energy projects or the implementation of Energy Saving Measures (“ESMs”).

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